Ski Apartments in Bansko – Prices and Availability

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Bansko is the largest and best known ski resort in Bulgaria. It ranks first in terms of international visitors ahead of Borovets and Pamporovo, the two other international ski destinations. Along with a number of hotels, Bansko offers accommodation in hundreds of privately owner holiday apartments. Most of those are owned by residents of the U.K. and Ireland, and by Bulgarians.

A recent report analyzes data on the holiday apartments available for rent in Bansko providing information on the types of apartments that are on the rental market and their prices. Here are some of the findings:

1. Bansko accounts for 71 percent of the holiday apartments available for rent among all ski destinations in Bulgaria.

2. Rental prices in Bansko are midway between the prices in Borovets, which are higher than those in Bansko, and Pamporovo, which is a bit cheaper.

3. The majority of apartments that are offered are one bedroom apartments: 55 percent. The second largest category is two bedroom apartments with 38 percent. Studios and apartments with more than two bedrooms account for less than 3 percent each.

4. The rental price of a one bedroom apartment in Bansko is about 392 euro per week in the high season and about 306 euro per week in the low season. The large price difference is explained by the elevated price levels during Christmas and New Year.

5. The rental price of a two bedroom apartment is about 562 euro per week in the high season and about 424 euro in the middle season.

6. The price of a studio is about 226 euro in the high season and about 189 euro in the middle season.

7. There is a lot of variation in the prices. For example, the rental prices of one bedroom apartments range from 298 euro per week to 486 euro per week in the high season. The prices of two bedroom apartments range from 347 euro per week to 777 euro per week in the high season.

Owners who consider renting their apartments can use that information to price their properties competitively. Tourists can use it to compare prices across countries and to plan their Bulgarian ski holiday in Bansko.

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