Getting Ready for EURO 2012 at Ukraine

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Come June 2012, the European Football Championship, EURO 2012 will be held at Ukraine, with its capital, Kiev as the major host. Football aficionados are now making plans to visit Ukraine, which will no doubt improve the tourist industry of the country. If you are one of those who would want to be a part of this event, the first thing that would probably come to your mind is where to find Kiev apartments or hotels that are comfortable and within your budget.

Kiev, also known as Kyiv, has a population of almost 3 million and used to be a major trade route in the Mediterranean. Today, Ukraine is ranked as one of the top 3 most attractive countries in Europe. It is destined to become even more popular as EURO 2012 approaches. Once you reach Kiev, you will surely be enthralled with its old world beauty that has been preserved through generations. This is the very reason why it has earned the title, the “greatest miracle in Europe”.

Anytime you are in a foreign country, your safety should always be your primary concern. You can avoid danger by choosing a safe accommodation and one that has English-speaking staff who can assist you during your stay. Do not hesitate to ask information regarding places that you want to visit, and to ask for tips on what to avoid in order to be safe.

When considering a place to stay in Kiev, try doing an online search to save time. You can also compare prices and amenities. One thing to remember is to ask if the hotel provides airport pick-up from the airport. Particularly, if you are traveling for hours, there is nothing more comforting than knowing that someone will welcome you at the airport. Be sure to have a map ready, and make a list of the places you would want to go to.

The location of your Kiev accommodation is important. Choose one that is in the middle of the city, if you want to taste the nightlife or get the best shopping deals. If you are fond of the arts and would like to take the time to go around museums or theaters, then Kyiv is really the place for you. Restaurants offering the local Kyiv cuisine, as well as international flavors are all over the city, so take the time to have a gastronomical experience while you’re in Ukraine.

Ukraine is relatively a new tourist destination, but one that already has a lot to offer. If you plan on attending EURO 2012, try to make it an extended holiday so that you can have time to see some of Ukraine’s tourist attractions such as the Cathedral of St. Sophia, the Ukrainian Baroque church of St. Andrew, the Monastery of the Caves, the Kyiv Opera House, and the world treasure, 19th-century Cathedral of St. Volodymyr.


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