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Cosiderations Buying Apartment Or Penthouse for Sale in Mallorca

January 11th, 2021

With so many properties for sale in Mallorca, it is difficult to know where to begin. Before searching for your dream home, you need to decide between apartments and penthouses or houses and villas. Once you make your choice, then you will need to work out your exact requirements and preferences and to know your true budget and limitations.

Apartments and penthouses versus houses & townhouses

If you like to be around other people and to socialize, then you should consider apartments or houses for sale in gated communities. Communities located in holiday resorts in Mallorca, mainly have some sort of shared facilities (gardens, saunas or swimming pool). Apartments and penthouses allow you to mix and mingle with your neighbors. They are fabulous for children as they can meet and play with others. If you do have children or animals then you may want to buy a ground floor apartment with garden. Garden apartments are also very convenient for the children to run in from the swimming pool area unaided – giving you time to relax in the comfort of your own home.

The most expensive apartments available to buy are usually penthouses, however paying a premium to purchase penthouses can be very advantageous. They usually offer superior views, extra space and, with no apartments upstairs, you can be assured of no noise or footsteps coming from above. Penthouses also carry a certain prestige, which is further accentuated in some of the very special and exclusive communities of apartments that are for sale in Mallorca. Luxury developments like The Mardavall of Portals or Las Fuentes de Los Pampanos of Santa Ponsa are well known for their elite status – making them extremely desirable and sought after.

All types of apartments are ideal for holiday homes because they are secure & easy to close down – a lot less maintenance or expense than detached houses and very appealing for families with children who want to socialize.
For those of you who prefer privacy and “getting away from it all” – then looking at villas or houses for sale in Mallorca may be more appropriate. Detached houses give you space & privacy, but this usually does come with extra running costs and a higher sale price.

Detached houses or villas within gated communities can offer a great compromise as they provide the best of both worlds – the advantage of being independent & private but also with community facilities accessible nearby. These give the freedom of choice when it comes to socializing with others.

Running costs for apartments, houses and villas

When looking round at various apartments or town houses to buy in a community, you should always remember to take into account the community fees. These fees consist of the community expenses (running costs of the shared pool & garden, water bills, cleaning of the communal areas etc). These costs are totaled up and shared out between all of the apartments in the complex. Each share is calculated based on the size of the apartments or houses and the percentage or proportion that each property occupies of the whole development. Penthouses & ground floor apartments usually pay the most as they are larger in size. Usually the more facilities that apartments offer, then the higher these fees will be. In Mallorca, a community can be as low as 25 – 50 Euros a month, whilst some of the more prestigious developments have apartments and penthouses for sale where the community fees can be can be 200 euros – 800 euros a month and, in some extreme cases, even higher than this.

Houses usually have higher running costs as you need to pay to maintain your own pool or garden. You should also consider other maintenance. Repairs will have to be paid for by you, the property owner, whereas in apartments, building & exterior repairs are sometimes covered by the community fees or by the community building insurance. Houses and villas require you to take out your own building insurance policy & to be individually responsible for all of the day to day maintenance – however you can use a villa management company to take care of all of this on your behalf. Many houses that are on the market for sale in Mallorca already have a company that takes care of the property. If this is the case then you should ask about their charges before you buy the house. A good property management company will be able to run your villa efficiently and deal with any issues, making home-owning abroad as stress free as a dream holiday.

The Best Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

December 15th, 2020

Be it western or eastern culture, this diverse world city has a captivating blend of both the worlds – the apartments for sale in Istanbul represent the true spirit of multifariousness. They range from modern and spacious sea view apartments, outstanding apartment complexes shared with the best European companies to smaller luxury apartments, whose price can be bargained. The new developing apartment buildings shared with European big names have luxurious 5 stars commodities and engaging extra essentials.

The smaller apartments in European Istanbul are available at Euro 150,000, however, the price range is very diverse according to the variety of apartments and can range up to millions of pounds. Traditional properties for sale in Istanbul are usually renovated with a European touch, they are the best option for buyers looking for smaller Ottoman style living residence. These Ottoman style apartments have been renovated for buyer’s convenience, they attain their traditional and cultural aura. The price range for these apartments would start from Euro 140,000.

New development has also started on the outskirts of Istanbul to fulfill the growing needs of the increasing population. These newer apartments in Istanbul have excellent traveling links to the inner city and good facilities. Cheaper yet accommodating apartment have become effective and the best investment for those who need a kick start at the growing Istanbul rental market.The price range for these apartments starts from Euro 46,000.

There is an increase in the apartment development and rental business due to the growing economy in Turkey, which lead to a housing shortage. To balance these problems, there has been a rapid increase in production. 91% of these apartments are sold even before their completion.

Here are some of the best apartments for sale in Istanbul from the cheapest price to highest.

· Bargain Istanbul apartments close to City Centre – Price £51,800

· Beylikduzu spacious modern family apartments – Price £98,600

· Urban regeneration apartments close to Istanbul Centre – Price £112,800

· Contemporary Sea view apartments above West Marina – Price £129,100

· Innovative Istanbul Asian homes with smart technology near Bosporus Bridge – Price £169,400

· Yenikoy seaside duplex apartments with beautiful views-Price £1,029,100

Istanbul has become one of the largest cities in Istanbul with the best apartments. The apartmentsare not only affordable but also have a connection with their roots. The best areas to look for properties for sale in Istanbul are Beylikduzu, Bahcesehir, Esenyurt, Gunesli, Halkali.

Kurt OZ is an author of Q Real Estate Center, provides consultancy for your Istanbul real estate for sale needs. If you are looking to buy a property in Istanbul (apartments, residences, villas, lands), our professional team will be glad to help you.

How to Rent a Cheap Apartment in Amsterdam

December 8th, 2020

Are you considering packing up your things and move to Amsterdam? There’s a lot of things to think about before you decide to go through with the move. But one of the most important aspects is the costs of living. Amsterdam is a much cheaper place to live than the financial centre in Europe, London, but it’s expensive compared to the cheaper capitals in Eastern Europe.

So, how much will the rental of an apartment set me back each month? Where prices are concerned, apartments close to Amsterdam center and along the canals have higher rates. It will be hard to find apartments for lower than Euro 500. Starting price for one-bed apartment will be Euro 500+ in this much sought out area. Of course, you could always look into sharing, perhaps opt for one that seeks house mates.

Or you could check into renting out just a room (as opposed to one apartment). Expatriates usually has a few rooms for rent in the Euro 200 – 300 (per month) range. On Craiglist look under rooms/shared for cheaper accommodation options; the lower priced ones will once again be in the Euro 200 – 300 range.

Looking for even cheaper apartments than the prices mentioned above? Amsterdam is one of the most expensive places to live in Netherlands. Generally, places outside Amsterdam offer lower rental prices. There’s always possible to live in nearby towns or cities and commute into Amsterdam. But, of course, the downside of this is that you will lack the flexibility to explore Amsterdam when and how you see fit best.

Getting Ready for EURO 2012 at Ukraine

November 23rd, 2020

Come June 2012, the European Football Championship, EURO 2012 will be held at Ukraine, with its capital, Kiev as the major host. Football aficionados are now making plans to visit Ukraine, which will no doubt improve the tourist industry of the country. If you are one of those who would want to be a part of this event, the first thing that would probably come to your mind is where to find Kiev apartments or hotels that are comfortable and within your budget.

Kiev, also known as Kyiv, has a population of almost 3 million and used to be a major trade route in the Mediterranean. Today, Ukraine is ranked as one of the top 3 most attractive countries in Europe. It is destined to become even more popular as EURO 2012 approaches. Once you reach Kiev, you will surely be enthralled with its old world beauty that has been preserved through generations. This is the very reason why it has earned the title, the “greatest miracle in Europe”.

Anytime you are in a foreign country, your safety should always be your primary concern. You can avoid danger by choosing a safe accommodation and one that has English-speaking staff who can assist you during your stay. Do not hesitate to ask information regarding places that you want to visit, and to ask for tips on what to avoid in order to be safe.

When considering a place to stay in Kiev, try doing an online search to save time. You can also compare prices and amenities. One thing to remember is to ask if the hotel provides airport pick-up from the airport. Particularly, if you are traveling for hours, there is nothing more comforting than knowing that someone will welcome you at the airport. Be sure to have a map ready, and make a list of the places you would want to go to.

The location of your Kiev accommodation is important. Choose one that is in the middle of the city, if you want to taste the nightlife or get the best shopping deals. If you are fond of the arts and would like to take the time to go around museums or theaters, then Kyiv is really the place for you. Restaurants offering the local Kyiv cuisine, as well as international flavors are all over the city, so take the time to have a gastronomical experience while you’re in Ukraine.

Ukraine is relatively a new tourist destination, but one that already has a lot to offer. If you plan on attending EURO 2012, try to make it an extended holiday so that you can have time to see some of Ukraine’s tourist attractions such as the Cathedral of St. Sophia, the Ukrainian Baroque church of St. Andrew, the Monastery of the Caves, the Kyiv Opera House, and the world treasure, 19th-century Cathedral of St. Volodymyr.

A Brief Review About Cheap Rental Apartments To Consider When Visiting Paris in France

November 5th, 2020

There is no place more exciting, more romantic, and more cosmopolitan than the city of Paris. Paris has thousands of places to explore, dozens of museums, theaters, monuments, bars, clubs, sports centers, and more. Paris is culture, entertainment and diversity all rolled into one. A city that welcomes a multitude of tourists each year, eager to take in all that it has to offer.

For those who are planning to travel to Paris but aim to save on cost of accommodations can opt to rent cheap apartments. There are many cheap apartments in Paris that offer clean and safe places to stay for tourists. Here are some examples of places that you could check out for yourself.

Try looking for single bedroom apartments – There are one bedroom apartments that may still be convenient for up to four guests. A good example would be one that is located on the third floor of a traditional Parisian building on the calm and serene Rue des Trois Freres. The bedroom has a double bed, the living room spacious enough, and the kitchen complete with all the amenities you need to cook a decent meal. This apartment is conveniently located near the Metro station, near restaurants and night life attractions. Such apartment goes for around 80 Euros a night.

Try looking into studio apartments – A good example of a studio apartment is one that is located in a tower named Tour Rubis and can fit up to 3 guests. If you stay here you get direct access to the Italie 2 shopping center which is one of the largest in Paris. Just a short walk from the shopping center is the Metro entrances with access to lines 5, 6 and 7. This apartment boasts of a living room with a large window that lets you see a breathtaking panoramic view of the Paris skyline. Such apartment goes for around 80 Euros a night.

You may also try checking into studio apartments that can only fit one to two guests. Try finding one that is close to sites and restaurants. A good example to this is one that is located on the quiet Avenue de Friedland which is just a short work to Arche de Triumph and the Champs-Elysees. This is convenient for tourists because theaters, boutiques, and restaurants and bars are all within walking distance. The apartment consists of a main room with a couch, desk, TV, refrigerator, and microwave. A short ladder leads up to the second floor mezzanine which has a double size sleeping area. This apartment goes for 84 Euros a night.

How about the idea of checking into studio apartments that are good for one to two persons but are built with a modern and contemporary feel? One good example to such is one that is located by the Rue du Cherche Midi which is just one block away from the Le Bon Marche department store. This apartment is within walking distance of the Luxembourg garden, the Senate House and many fashion boutiques. Such apartment costs around 164 Euros.

Euro 2012 in Ukraine

October 22nd, 2020

The year of 2012 is going to be rather significant for Ukraine. Elections to the Verhovna Rada, Ukrainian Parliament, are rather important for the political life of the country. The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2012, which is going to be held in Poland and Ukraine in June and July, is rather important for Ukrainian economy and the country’s image in the world.

Poland and Ukraine are sharing the honor to host final tournament for 16 best European Football teams. The final match is going to be held in Kiev on July 1. It is a very special event for all Ukrainian and foreign fans and more than a million fans are expected to come to Ukraine to be eyewitnesses to the matches.

Ukraine was given a loan of 5 billion Euros to be well-prepared for the upcoming tournament. As a result, Ukrainian stadia, roads and hotels are in much better condition and most facilities correspond to European standards.

The Ukrainian cities to welcome the Euro 2012 matches are Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov and Lvov.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine with the population of more than 3, 5 million people. The city which is more than 1,500 years old is really worth seeing, especially in summer. The biggest stadium involved in Euro 2012 is Olympic Stadium with its ticket capacity of more than 70,050 people.

Total 5 matches are to be held in Kiev: 3 matches for Group D teams, one quarter- final match and a final match. You can find the schedule for Kiev below.

Group D

11 June 2012 21:45 UTC+3 Ukraine Match 8 D2 Olympic Stadium, Kiev

15 June 2012 19:00 UTC+3 D2 Match 15 D4 Olympic Stadium, Kiev

19 June 2012 21:45 UTC+3 D2 Match 24 D3 Olympic Stadium, Kiev


24 June 2012 21:45 UTC+3 Winner Group D / Match 28 / Runner-up Group C /Olympic Stadium, Kiev


1 July 2012 21:45 UTC+3 Winner Match 29 / Match 31 / Winner Match 30 / Olympic Stadium, Kiev

IF you order the tickets via tour agency representatives in Ukraine it will be cheaper than buying online. It is also cheaper to rent an apartment for a month in Kiev (2 room apartment is up to 600USD/500 Euros) than staying in a hotel and paying daily at least 80 USD/60 Euros per day. There are plenty of inexpensive self-catering places to eat with an estimate price for one meal of 8USD/5 Euros. You can easily calculate the price of a monthly stay in Kiev.

Donetsk is the second important city in the championship. Located at the distance of almost 727 km to the south- east from Kiev this large coal-miners’ city with the population of about 1 million people is proud of having one of the best stadia in Ukraine. It is certainly worth flying or travelling by overnight train or bus to Donetsk to see a quarter-final and a semi-final matches here. To stay at the hotel here is a good idea as the apartments for rent are not of a very good quality. Early booking will guarantee a room in the hotel. You can find the schedule for Donetsk 5 matches below.

Guide to Apartments, Hotels and Villas in Croatia

October 15th, 2020

Do you plan to visit Croatia this summer? Definitely you must be waiting for the antique and historical buildings of Croatia. There’s no doubt Croatia has a rich history and still offers some monuments and spots which reflect the rich history of the region. With Mediterranean sea to one of its non-land borders, Croatia offers some really cool and lovely nature to its domestic people as well as foreigners. Croatia has been a demanding spot for the travelers and tourists from all around the world. People from every corner of the world visit this part of Europe and enjoy a lot and return with some unforgettable moments of their lives.

If you’re also planning to visit Croatia as a temporary or permanent resident, then you must know about the apartments in Croatia, Croatia hotels, and Croatia Villas. You can either conduct your research via typical directory or can go online to have more effective and useful research. Internet offers some really informative and useful websites giving you access to the real estate of Croatia. Croatia hotels are among the best hotels in the world offering some really nice and lovely dishes and drinks. Similarly, Croatia villas are among the calmest and the peaceful regions in the world. With really cool and silent nature, you’re allowed to relax at your peak in this region.

Apartments in Croatia:

Apartments in Croatia are available for rent as well as to own. There are many regions in Croatia offering some really nice apartments. Basina is one of the most common localities in the region and offer up to 7 beds luxurious apartments. Most of the apartments in Croatia are for available for rent as many foreigners arrive in the region for temporary stay. With rent starting for as low as only 30 Euros for 4 beds apartments in Croatia, the rent rates are up to 100 Euros in the region. Most of the apartments in Croatia directly faces the big sea giving a really charming and cool look. For example, a peaceful area is available in the region of Basina as a Vacation house for just 60 Euros. The prices are easily affordable by any foreigners which is the core reason why Croatia receives thousands of tourists every year.

Hotels in Croatia:

2 room hotels in Croatia are very common and are easily available with a reasonable price. Typical price of a 2 room hotel in Croatia is starting from only 72 Euros. Good and furnished Croatia hotels are also available for 108 Euros. Most of the hotels directly faces the sea and offers some really nice, lovely and peaceful area. The spirit of Mediterranean climate allows one to relax from all of the headaches of a business life.

Villas in Croatia:

Croatia villas are one of the best villas in whole of the Europe. Offering lovely and cool swimming pools with the cool breeze of the Mediterranean sea, Croatia villas are really a peace of mind and offer a lovely environment. With all the basic as well as luxurious facilities like TV, Kitchen with dishwasher and grill, terrace, sea view, parking and much more, Croatia villas are available at extremely reasonable prices.

Apartments in St. Vals – Prices and Availability

September 25th, 2020

St. Vlas used to be a sleepy village on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, situated about 5 km from the main Bulgarian beach resort Sunny Beach. However, the real estate boom of the last few years has transformed it utterly. It is now probably the second largest beach resort in Bulgaria if one counts not only the number of hotels but also the dozens of apartment complexes that were built there. Two years ago, St. Vlas became a town with its own municipality. Last year it added the first yacht marina on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast that is frequented by who-is-who of the Bulgarian elite. All in all, it has become one of the ritziest destinations on the beach, with many hotel offers and an equal, if not greater, number of holiday apartment offers. A recent report summarizing what is available has come up with the following findings:

1. St. Vals has the second largest offering of holiday apartments on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with 34 percent of the market, just bellow Sunny Beach which accounts for 39 percent. In fact, 20 percent of all holiday apartments available for rent in Bulgaria are in St. Vlas.

2. One bedroom apartments are by far the dominant category in terms of the type of property available. They account for 54 percent of the offers, followed by two bedroom apartments with 37 percent.

3. One bedroom apartments range in price from 313 euro per week in the high season to 250 euro per week in the middle season.

4. Two bedroom apartments range in price from 427 euro per week in the high season to 344 euro per week in the middle season.

5. Studios range in price from 165 euro per week in the high season to 147 euro per week in the middle season.

6. The level of prices in St. Vlas are almost identical to the prices in Sunny Beach and are a bit higher than in Nessebar or Varna, two destinations frequented mostly by Bulgarian rather than international tourists.

Beach Apartments in Sunny Beach

August 11th, 2020

Sunny Beach is Bulgaria’s main beach destination on its Black Sea coast. It is by far the largest beach resort, well ahead of Bulgaria’s second largest beach resort Golden Sands and, in fact, well ahead of any other beach resort on the Balkan Peninsula. Along with hotels, the resort offers hundreds of private holiday apartments available for rent directly from the owners. Recent report using data from the top three rental websites for Bulgarian property rentals shows the following information:

1) Sunny Beach accounts for about 39 percent of all beach apartments available for rent in Bulgaria. It is slightly ahead of St. Vlas with 34 percent and well ahead of the third highest: Varna with 10 percent.

2) Rental prices in Sunny Beach are slightly lower than those in the next biggest Bulgarian beach resort Golden Sands and slightly higher than in St. Vlas. The difference, however, is very small.

3) Close to half of the apartments available for rent are one bedroom apartments: 48 percent. The next biggest categories are two bedroom apartments with 35 percent and studios with 13 percent.

4) One bedroom apartments in Sunny Beach rent out for about 314 euro per week in the high season and for about 256 euro per week in the middle season.

5) Two bedroom apartments rent out for about 415 euro per week in the high season and for about 335 euro per week in the middle season.

6) Studios rent out for about 259 euro in the high season and for about 219 euro per week in the middle season.

7) There is much variation in the prices. For example, the rental prices on two bedroom apartments in Sunny Beach range from 325 to 505 euro per week in the high season.

One can keep this information in mind when pricing a holiday rental apartment in Sunny Beach or elsewhere in Bulgaria. Tourists can also use the information to compare prices with other resorts in Bulgaria or elsewhere and to plan their trips.


Ski Apartments in Bansko – Prices and Availability

March 13th, 2020

Bansko is the largest and best known ski resort in Bulgaria. It ranks first in terms of international visitors ahead of Borovets and Pamporovo, the two other international ski destinations. Along with a number of hotels, Bansko offers accommodation in hundreds of privately owner holiday apartments. Most of those are owned by residents of the U.K. and Ireland, and by Bulgarians.

A recent report analyzes data on the holiday apartments available for rent in Bansko providing information on the types of apartments that are on the rental market and their prices. Here are some of the findings:

1. Bansko accounts for 71 percent of the holiday apartments available for rent among all ski destinations in Bulgaria.

2. Rental prices in Bansko are midway between the prices in Borovets, which are higher than those in Bansko, and Pamporovo, which is a bit cheaper.

3. The majority of apartments that are offered are one bedroom apartments: 55 percent. The second largest category is two bedroom apartments with 38 percent. Studios and apartments with more than two bedrooms account for less than 3 percent each.

4. The rental price of a one bedroom apartment in Bansko is about 392 euro per week in the high season and about 306 euro per week in the low season. The large price difference is explained by the elevated price levels during Christmas and New Year.

5. The rental price of a two bedroom apartment is about 562 euro per week in the high season and about 424 euro in the middle season.

6. The price of a studio is about 226 euro in the high season and about 189 euro in the middle season.

7. There is a lot of variation in the prices. For example, the rental prices of one bedroom apartments range from 298 euro per week to 486 euro per week in the high season. The prices of two bedroom apartments range from 347 euro per week to 777 euro per week in the high season.

Owners who consider renting their apartments can use that information to price their properties competitively. Tourists can use it to compare prices across countries and to plan their Bulgarian ski holiday in Bansko.

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